Knit easy slippers

Knit these easy slippers for winter



The slippers fit foot sizes 22(24; 27) cm or shoe sizes [5–6(7–8; 9–10)]

What do you need?

2 balls FAMILY KNIT CHUNKY (50 g), 5.5 mm needles


 inc – increase;– knit; k2tog – knit two together; gs – garter stitch;  p –purl; R(W)S – right (wrong) side 


Cast on 40(48; 52) sts. 
1st row (WS): p. 
Foll row (RS): k1, *p2, k2, rep from * to last 3 sts, p2, k1. Continue in double rib till work measures about 20(22; 24) cm, ending with RS row. 
Next row: k15(19; 19), AT THE SAME TIME dec 1(5; 4) sts over these sts. Slip these 14(14; 15) sts on stitch holder, inc 1 st and work in rib for 10(10; 14) sts, inc 1 st, k last 15(19; 19) sts, AT THE SAME TIME, dec 1(5; 4) sts equally across these sts. Slip these 14(14; 15) sts on stitch holder. Continue in rib across 12 (12; 16) sts with 1 edge st on both sides until rib measures about 7(8,5; 10) cm, ending with RS row. 
Next row: k2tog, rib to last 2 sts, k2tog. Slip 10(10; 14) sts on stitch holder. Cut yarn. 
Next row (RS): k across sts on stitch holder, AT THE SAME TIME pick up 12(14; 16) sts on both sides of top just within edge st. 62(66; 76) sts. Place marker at beg of last row and measure from here. Work in gs, place marker in middle of front of foot and continue until work measures 2 cm from first marker, ending with WS row. 
Next row: k to 2 sts before front marker, k2tog, sl1, k1 psso, k to end. 
Next row: k. Rep last 2 rows, AT THE SAME TIME, when work measures 4(4; 5) cm, k2tog inside edge st on both sides until work measures 5(5; 6) cm. Cast off.

To complete

Join seam under sole. Join seam at back.

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