Knit slippers for the winter

A very easy pattern for really cute slippers  for the winter

By: Christa Swanepoel
Photo: Andrea Caldwell


gs – garter stitch; inc – increase k – knit; k2tog – knit 2 stitches together; ms – moss stitch; rem – remaining; R(W)S – right(wrong) side


Fit foot of about 20(22; 24; 26) cms


With 5.5 mm needles cast on 23(27; 27; 29) sts and work gs till work measures about 15.5(17.5; 19.5; 22.5) cm, or the length of the foot, ending with a WS row.

Next row: k1, (k2tog) to end. 12(14;14;15) sts.

Work 3 rows gs.

Next row: *k4(5; 5; 3), k2tog, rep from * 2(2; 2; 3) times. 10(12; 12; 12) sts.

Next row: k.

Next row: (k2tog) to end.

Cut off long yarn, thread through rem sts, pull in and sew up.

To finish

Sew up back seam and about a third of work at front.

If you wish you can make a pompon and sew it on.

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