Make this delicious drink on a hot day



8 glasses

500 ml (2 c) water

500 ml (2 c) sugar

30 mint leaves

4 to 6 limes

2 l soda water or lemonade

Bacardi rum to taste

Crushed ice

1 Heat water and sugar in saucepan over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Simmer another five minutes. Remove from heat and add mint leaves.
2 Stir and leave to cool for around four hours. Remove mint leaves.
3 Roll limes on work surface with palm of your hand to soften, which makes them easier to juice.
4 Cut lime, squeeze and add juice to sugar syrup. Add juice according to taste.
5 Thin sugar syrup with soda water or lemonade. Add rum to taste.
6 Spoon crushed ice into glasses and divide drink between glasses.
7 Add more fresh mint leaves and serve cold.

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