Chicken salad puff roll

Puff pastry is easy to use. Always keep some in your fridge


6 rolls



4 chicken breasts

750 ml (3 c) water

5 ml (1 t) dry mixed herbs

1 bay leaf

1 ml salt

1 ml pepper

10 ml (2 t) lemon juice



400 g (1 roll) puff pastry, defrosted

Some milk to brush top



4 cooked chicken breasts, cubed

1 onion, chopped fine

1 stick of celery, chopped fine

100 g (1 packet) cashew nuts, chopped roughly

565 g (1 tin) litchis, drained

2.5 ml (½ t) dry mustard powder

Pinch of garlic salt

125 ml (½ c) mayonnaise

125 ml (½ c) plain yoghurt

15 ml (1 T) castor sugar



Preheat oven to 220 °C.

  1. Chicken Place four chicken breasts with all ingredients in saucepan.
  2. Boil off all water till chicken is cooked. Take care not to scorch it.
  3. Puff pastry rolls Place puff pastry on counter top and roll open. Cut six rectangles of 13 cm x 10 cm.
  4. Place baking paper on baking tray and spray with cooking spray.
  5. Brush a bit of milk over puff pastry squares. Bake for 20 minutes till golden brown.
  6. Allow to cool off on cooling rack and cut in half so that you get a top and bottom for a roll.
  7. Chicken salad Place chicken cubes, onion, celery, cashew nuts, litchis and garlic salt in bowl.
  8. Mix mustard powder and a little bit of mayonnaise till smooth. Add remaining mayonnaise and stir till smooth.
  9. Add yoghurt and sugar to mayonnaise mixture. Pour dressing over chicken mixture.
  10. Put lettuce on bottom part of each puff roll. Spoon a generous amount of chicken salad on lettuce and cover with top of roll.

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