Condensed milk and chocolate rolls

This condensed milk and chocolate roll is a scrumptious treat for the sweettooth

Makes about 45 slices


100 g (1/5 brick) butter

385 g (1 tin) condensed milk

200 g milk chocolate, broken

30 ml (2 T) cocoa

500 ml (2 c) Rice Crispies

200 g (1 packet) Eat-Sum-Mor biscuits, quartered

100 g (½ packet) Marie biscuits, roughly chopped


375 ml (1½ c) desiccated coconut

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  1. Melt butter, condensed milk and chocolate over low heat.
  2. Sift cocoa over Rice Crispies and mix with broken biscuits.
  3. Add this mixture to condensed milk mixture and combine well.
  4. Put mixture aside to cool off for half an hour. Divide in three parts and shape three rolls.
  5. To coat Sprinkle desiccated cocoa over baking tray and roll the three rolls in it till they’re covered all over.
  6. Enclose them with foil and leave in fridge for the night.
  7. Cut slices to serve.

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